RASH / C.H.E.W. - Split 7"

Image of RASH / C.H.E.W. - Split 7"


"I'll be honest -- a lot of people think the split 7" is a dying breed. In the last few years, I can't say I'd disagree. However, C.H.E.W. (previously "Chew") decided to take one 7-song recording session and break it up into two split records this year, and my mind is absolutely changed. Hot on the heels of their split tape with Penetrode that Neck Chop will be turning into a 7", this new split EP with Rash is a fine taste of Chicago punk in 2017. Rash's heavy and brooding style of punk compliments C.H.E.W.'s ravenous tracks extremely well. Earlier this year, IFB Records released an EP for Rash, who keep churning out new songs."

(Slug Salt Rex)